Birdee is getting primed…..

The 2011 hunting season is upon us and to say Birdee is excited would be an understatement.

We’ve done some prep work with access trails and stand adjustments as well as get our cams out in the woods.  With the logging that was done over the winter in the area she sets up we had to work on getting her a new silent trail made.  Simply clearing the trail of all twigs and branches overhanging took care of that.

The cams are hung and showing signs of activity already…

Two does and a fox, pretty cool shot.

And this little Buck is around often…

And like last year we have some Bear kickin around as well….

We decided it was time for an upgrade equipment wise.  A trip to Bennett’s BaitnTackle in Smiths Falls is always our answer.  Birdee is excited to be shooting with a new Excalibur Phoenix crossbow.  She’s been out back firing it and loves it!

More updates will be coming as things progress!