The Porcupine Buck…

The 2013 hunting season for Birdee has been a busy one, culminating recently with her tagging out on her Buck for the season.

She spent more than her share of evenings in the tree stand, seeing as many deer this year as all years in the past combined.  Very active site this year with does and a button buck being regulars almost every night for her enjoyment.

The trail cam gave us the insight she needed to make the decision that if a legal deer was in sights she was going to take the shot.  One fork horn was a regular to the area that if she spent the time in she’d get a shot at him.

He did show up one evening with a buddy that we only saw for the one day.  He may be back as the rut gets going with the amount of does out back.

The trailcam snapped this pic recently, we had no idea at the time what it was and truthfully didn’t pay much attention to it.

You can see this poor fella had a run in with a porcupine!

Birdee asked me if I wanted to come sit in the stand with her.  Admittedly I’d be a terrible hunter.  I fall asleep, snore and drive her nuts.  She had enough action coming to the stand that I figured I’d be occupied and I’d love to see the deer up close.

We got settled into the stand, I posted a photo to Facebook of Birdee playing Candy Crush while we waited.  I gazed around trying not to fall asleep.  It wasn’t too long before we had visitors.

A button buck came strolling in, then Mama.  Watching them at about 15 yards was awesome.  They’d check us out every now and then and continued to graze, until their attention was grabbed by another visitor.  They quickly hightailed it.

He approached from the right along the tree line.  I caught a glimpse of the horns first.  “It’s a buck.” I whispered to Birdee.  The intensity rose big time then.  She readied with her bow and calmed herself.

We could see him limping a bit, he came towards us a bit, then turned back.  “He’s limping for some reason, shoot him” I whispered again.  Birdee was in the zone and probably never even heard me.   She sent the bolt flying from 30 yards and hit her mark.

We’ve caught a lot of big fish together in the boat but this was different.  This was all her.  Being there was such a treat for me and for us.  High Fives and fist pumps all around!

Once we found him we quickly realized why he was limping.  He was covered in porcupine quills, particularly on his one leg.  Poor bugger wouldn’t have made it thru winter if he made it that long.

I put on my photographer hat and snapped a bunch, then headed to work to let her and her cousin Bobby deal with it.  haha!

Birdee is happy happy happy!  That likely won’t conclude her hunting season as I heard her and Bobby talking about spending some time in the stand.  Time will tell on that one.

Huge thanks to Bennett’s BaitnTackle for their help and support in all of Birdees hunting exploits!