Trail Cam Update…..

With the cold weather finally arriving we are getting more and more regular visits by the trailcam. It is situated at the corner of our property which is the main trail to access the bush behind our place. While Birdee does have a “doe” tag this season she is hoping to set her sights on something with horns.

The first doe pictured is huge, I’ve seen her in daylight and she is quite the animal.

Check out the tall spikes on this fella!

Some quality bucks too!

Birdee has been sitting in the stand alot and really putting her time in. That big doe was 35 yards from one evening but didn’t have a clear shooting lane so she tried to wait her out but legal shooting time came to an end and she was forced to slowly descend from the stand that night. She’s hoping for snow to hit the ground and stay, that’ll get em moving a bit more.