Update from Birdees stand…

We’ve completed a bit of work out back on Birdee’s new stand location.  More tree trimming, shooting lanes created and a nice quiet pathway to reach her stand was all taken care of recently.  We also brushed in her stand perfectly.
We’ve kept an eye on the Trailcam as well.  Birdee was some excited to see this nice Buck on the scene.

Still had some work left do on the stand including putting a roof over it then completely brushing it all in.  We need to let the horseflies buzz off for a bit to go back at it.  They were killing us!

A week later we were back out working on putting the final touches on the stand.  We need to let the area settle for awhile after all the noise we’ve been making back there.

We secured the roof and brushed it all in.

We came across an old boat seat that worked out perfectly equipped with the swivel.

Birdee hopped up and did some target shooting.

Birdee is thrilled with her new setup and location.  The camera is snapping pics daily.  We will update with new pics as they come in.

Won’t be long now for Birdee to start sitting!