A bad case of Crappie thumb….

Spent a few days on the Rideau system this past week in search of Crappie.  Things are really starting to get rockin’ in the shallows and the fish are on the snarl!

Had RJ Sr aboard one day.  Our search came up with some numbers for us but lacking the size.  Always fun to have Sr. aboard the Lund and we’ve made some plans to get out alot this summer which I’m really looking forward to.

The next day is a Crappie Hunters dream.  Arguably the best Crappie fishing I’ve ever experienced.  My buddy Grant and I were just shaking our heads at times.  In the end we seemed to get bored and spent some time sitting in the Lund enjoying a snack and a chat then we’d catch another 20 then sit down again.  Yep, just stupid.

This video gives you the idea.  It was like that for over 5 hours.


The contrasting colours of the fish was cool to see, some sporting spawning colors while others were just on the move in to get down to business.

For baits I was flipping a 2 inch tube jig in white on 6 lb test mono.  Grant was using a 2 inch Gulp minnow on a jighead.

Had a blast on these slabs.  These days don’t happen every year so when they do you eat em up!

Grant was all smiles..

Me too!

And the newest addition to the wall of fame at our house….