A Bronze cap on the 2013 season….

With the inevitable coming I just had to sneak in one more day before putting the Lund to bed for a few months while this thing called “winter” blasts us in Eastern Ontario.

Smallies have ruled my mind all Fall so I figured that would be the target.  Down to the St. Lawrence we go.  Boatmates for this trip are Chevy and Brandun.  Brandun is from Kingston and fishes Lake Ontario for these same Smallies but had never ventured into the river.  Boy was he in for a treat!

With a daytime high around 4 degrees we didn’t run around much early as it was still freezing.  I set us up on one of my favorite drifts yet we came up empty.  “Weird, they can’t be far.”  We slid back into a bit of an eddy and Brandun set the hook hard into something.  Well it would appear we found em.

Tube jigs did all the damage today.  I ran mine on 30lb Power Pro to a 12 lb Fluro leader.  I use a 7’6″ rod on my tube dragging setup so I can pick line up quick and ram that hook home.

Chevy has been looking for that magic Nickel mark on a Smallie all year.  So close with this oinker!

Angry Tube Jig Smackin’ Smallie!

There was some serious giggling going on in the Lund this day.  Awesome fishin’ to end the season.  We weighed our best 5 at days end, 24.5 lbs of bronze.

Welcome to the river Brandun, over 11 lbs of Smallies.  Booyah!

Can it be the 3rd Saturday in June of 2014 now?