A few hours on the kittens…

The weather has been tough.  High winds and cold temps have been hanging around too long in Eastern Ontario.  Being out of town for a week for work then coming back to some less than favorable conditions was a tough pill to swallow.  But we make the best of it!

Catfish.  Infamous bottom feeder that live EVERYWHERE on the Ottawa River.  Simple fishing but fun from shore.  Assembled a group of friends to spend a few hours bending the long rods while enjoying the chatter, great way to spend a few hours on a cool, windy Sunday night.

Setup is simple.  Egg sinker to a swivel to a circle hook.  For bait anything meaty can be used.  I picked up some Cut Herring chunks soaking in onions.  Wow, I can’t believe people eat that!  STINK.

We decided to use our steelhead rods for some added fun.  Shimano Convergence rod and Saros reel with 10 lb mono.

Birdee set her rod into her rod stand and waited about 5 minutes before the rod loaded up.

The result.  Couldn’t resist the stinky herring.

Conversations broke out and we lost count of who caught what, I know I caught none!

Tim and Grant each landed a few..

Birdee landed this nasty lookin fella to end the night.

Fun way to spend a few hours with good friends!