Awesome Incidental…..

Every now and then while targeting one species you run across another.  Often while bass fishing, Pike become a pain due to their ability to cut through line and repeatedly steal lures.  They can be frustrating at times,  but when one like this visits you it’s quite the ride.
While throwing a shallow running crankbait for Largemouth, I had a huge swipe that made my crank disappear in a flash.  The fish then ran off,  I had to free-spool my Curado and thumb it as this beast ran off.  When I last saw it all I could see was the monofilament coming from its mouth.  My boat partner for the day Joe didn’t get a glimpse of it until I somehow worked it back to the boat.  Looking at my shallow basket rubber net, we both chuckled.
As the pike approached the boat we knew we only had one shot at it.  Joe was outstanding on the net, he slid the fishes head as deep into the basket as possible and in one full swoop she was on the deck of my boat.  Wow.  Certainly not what I was expecting from this small cottage lake.
This gator made my day!  Just something about big Pike that I like.