Big Ol Bucketmouth from Eastern Ontario….

With my job I’m on the road all day making stops at various stores, just the nature of my job.  The bonus is the people you get to see regularly and start to get to know them a bit.  Most know by now I’m a fishing nut so when one of the staff at one of my stores had a fish story to tell I had to hear it!

I heard rumblings from another staff member about a big fish I asked her myself to hear the story.  “Yep, big one.  It weighed 8.2 on my bathroom scale”.  At first I figured walleye so I asked.  “Largemouth”  WHAT??????

Here she is.  She could wear that fish as a hat!

Thanks to Mindy K for allowing me to post this pic.  It was caught on a worm harness of all things, on Lake X.

Dat tis a beeeeg Feesh!