Girls just wanna have fun!

The urge to sneak in one more day on the banks of the St. Lawrence before the Renegade Bass series fired up was too strong.  Birdee and I secured a third for the day, Ariel.  I had to get Ariel to agree to come which wasn’t an issue, but the wake-up time drew some ire.  Yep, she’s a teenager!
We arrived in the Ingleside area around 8 and were fishing shortly thereafter.  I had warned them both that I had no plans of touching a rod all day and that the fish were all theirs.  “But you’ll do all the baiting, rigging and casting right?”  “Yes while you relax in my chair yes I will”.
My ladies had quite a day.  And I did a lot of spectating and netting. 

Lots of male fish today and they generally run a bit smaller than the females.  Between the two ladies they banked over 20 Carp today.  Best one being 22 pounds.  I was hoping to see a Giant for em but it didn’t materialize. The males tend to put up a real hard tussle in the current which was a good test for the girls.
Ariel made a new friend. 

The highlight of the day was Birdee landing her first Mirror Carp.  You’ll notice the scale pattern. 

The girls had a blast either swimming, eating, tanning or reeling in fish. 

With sore arms from hauling Carp and Sunburns we were back on the road at 5,  Ariel lasted about 15 minutes and was sound asleep, Birdee and I weren’t far behind.  Great day!