Nice mixed bag of incidentals….

Spent a few days fishing this week, one in search of Smallies and one in search of Jumbo Perch.

The first day I headed to the St. Lawrence River, my partner for the day will remain incognito as he was supposed to be working!  I generally like to look for Smallies on obvious cover ie rockpiles, cribs, points etc. to start.  Nobody home.  Somewhat odd but I was prepared to fish the deeper water if necessary.

While on an area that holds the odd Smallie I spotted a Drum swimming on the bottom.  My buddy tried to send his Senko down to the fish but it wouldn’t sink fast enough, so I flipped my tube at it.  That flip turned out to be money!  The tube slide down it’s head off its nose and when it reached its mouth it sucked in the tube!  I was ready for a big battle.

The battle never really came,  either it was a lazy Sheepie or we all think these fish fight more than they really do.  Either way cool deal.  Tipped the digital scale to 14 lbs 6 oz’s.

After that we decided to slide off the edge and start to bounce bottom.  I started with dropshotting and my partner dragging tubes.  After two on the dropshot we switched him up to a drop shot too.  Each drift would produce at least 2 fish for the first 6 drifts.  Great fun and man do they pull!  River fish are just way stronger than lake fish.

At the end of the day we snapped this pic, one of my favorite pics ever.

The next day my brother in law joined me to access a small lake I had been told held some real jumbo perch.  Issue was, no boat launch.  No problem!  We loaded the 10 foot BassHound into the Silverado and away we went.

I had asked Gord to make us up some spinner rigs to bounce bottom with, we rigged those up with a crawler and sent them down with Fin-Tech TechSticks.   Well Gord’s spinner rig paid off in spades but not with the Jumbos we were looking for.  I felt a real solid strike and then the big headshakes, I knew what it was.  I had been told that there were a few Walleye in the lake and if you were to catch one it would be a good one, well that information was correct!

We never did dial in the Jumbos, Gord started targetting Largies while I played in the deep weeds with the Bluegills.  Gord thumped this decent Largie that fell just shy of 4 pounds.

Weird few days on the water but those incidentals made for some interesting action!