On the set of "Big City Fishing"…….

When Jamie Pistilli dropped me a line and asked me to join him for a shoot of his upcoming series on WFN I of course obliged.  Jamie’s show is based on urban fishing and what is better than doing some good old Carp fishing on the banks of the St. Lawrence?  Not Much!
Jamie and his crew arranged with Jeff Vaughan from the Long Sault Motel to set them up for the day and I was along for the ride and support.  It wasn’t long before rods were firing and fish made their way to the bank.
It was interesting to see the process of what’s required to put a show together with the producer Tim always knowing what was needed to put it together. A few short interviews with Jeff and I and some great Carpin’ action will make for a great show I think.
Best fish of the day was a mid 20 pound female that looked great!
I did alot of netting and unhooking!

In the end, Jamie and the Big City Fishing Show crew were on the road by midday and off to their next shoot in Kingston.  Great to be a part of it fellas.  Thanks!