Ottawa River Rockets….

Hit the Ottawa River today for Pike opener.  The low waters levels certainly has changed the playing field!  The water in the area we fished had to be in the ballpark of 2-3 feet lower than last year at the same time.
Mann’s Hardnose Swimbaits were getting hammered by our quarry of the day.  No big fish today though my partner for the day Markus lost a fish we’d put near 10 pounds.
Though we landed near 20 pike on the afternoon and early evening bite no fish of any real size came aboard.  This was the typical fish we landed.
They were destroying the swimbait!

The Ottawa River never ceases to amaze me.  In our 6 hours on the water we saw a school of countless bullheads that had to be near 5000, a school of Gar, Huge Largemouth prepping spawning beds, Big Carp in the shallows, Ospreys feeding and 2 Deer drinking from the waters edge.  It really is an amazing place to fish!