Re-visiting the Spotties of LSC…..

The anticipation leading up this trip was fierce.  While on the NS Shark trip our buddy Skoots said he wanted in!  Phil and I were all over that as Fred is a hoot to have around and would fit right in on the Muskie chase.

We left late Monday night, drove overnight (well Phil did, I apparently slept a bit),  arrived at Skoots’ around 4 and continued South.  We stopped for a big breakfast knowing we weren’t coming off the water til dark.  We reached the ramp and prepped.

Our plan was to troll.  Running Shimano Tekotas and Taloras spooled with 50 lb Power Pro Super Slick to a 24 inch 150 lb test fluro leader.  Bait wise was a mix of body baits depending on water clarity and depth.  I had a pile of them at the ready to switch up as needed.

We dropped in and were setup in no time.  Skoots had yet to catch a Muskie so we insisted we pop that cherry first.  Not a bad fish for his first!

Phil insisted I take the second rod, said I always give him first rod and it was time to switch that up.  Okie Dokie!

Phil hopped on the next one…

With Skoots back on the stick the inside rod fired hard.  Big headshakes creating a big frothy mess on the surface gave us the indication we had a goodun.

High Fives all around!

We hit the hay early after re-fueling with a mix of KFC and Tim Horton’s.

Back at it early the next day, 10 minutes into the troll.  Hard rip.

Phil was up next and this lady gave us quite the show!  Airborne twice.  Quite the sight!

Skoots had some quality fish!

Rod rotation continued.  We had it down a science, one guy would clear lines and the other would hop on the wheel to make sure the boat was safe, then he’d net the fish.

With an hour to go in our time before we decided to hit the road the outside rod fired.  My best Muskie in many years.

Skoots capped the trip off with another decent one!

Having Phil get his new PB, Skoots land his first then to top that one with a dandy PB was awesome!

What a trip.