Windy weekend….

Wow did it blow this weekend.   There was a bit of a reprieve on Monday but not much.  I took the back half of the weekend to get some things done around the house.  The next 2 months will be very busy on the water so I figured we might as well knock those things off the list while weather wasn’t so favorable.
I did get out Friday.  A buddy of mine is fishing the upcoming “Bassin4Bucks” event on Mississippi Lake in a few weeks.  He wanted to do a pre-fish and have a look at a few areas.  It was a decent enough day for him as he fished a pile of water he hadn’t seen before.  Hopefully these areas pay off for him on event day like they did for us during the pre-fish.  No real tankers today but a few fish that would make him think about running them back to weigh-in.
We dropped this lady right back where I found her in hopes Billy can stick her in a few weeks.
Then the wind howled….we retreated to sheltered areas and ended the day around 3.  Good Luck Billy and Dana in your event in a few weeks.
Saturday we wanted to give the Lakers another go before season closes.  With a forecasted wind to hit 70 km/h gusts by the noon hour we had hopes to at least get the morning in.  The wind arrived way sooner than expected and we were blown off by 11.  My steady fishin buddy Phil took my 2 dollars again this weekend with the first and biggest fish in one full swoop.
A disappointing weekend fishing wise.  Likely the worst in awhile but sometimes Mother Nature wins.