Buzzer Beater Lakers…..

With the Lake Trout season closing soon I decided to really put a big push on getting out as much as I could to take advantage of the last few weeks of the season.  Jigging Lakers has really moved up the list in my favorite styles of fishing and the rewards of quality fish is always a reality.

Had many guests aboard the Lund during the Laker assault.  Loads of new personal bests hit the net!  An unreal year for PB’s.  This past week, we saw new personal bests for guests eclipse the 40 mark with us.  Now that is a ton of fun to be a part of!

Scott joined me a few weeks back and had the best day of any guest.  Scotty really whacked em that day!  His best on the day at 11 lbs…

Hogan and his girlfriend Danika had booked me for a day to learn the ways of the Lakers.  What started as a tougher morning than I had hoped turned into an elated Hogan.  He broke the ice with this one that got him smiling…

Danika was some pleased with herself when this one hit the net..

The highlight of the day was this big ol’ grey!  13 lbs of beautiful natural Laker….

One of my favorite pics this season….

Grant has been a steady participant in the assault.  We had some crazy days out there numbers wise with the odd kicker thrown in the mix.

Birdee and I spent an afternoon out with RJ Sr. and my Mom.  The girls enjoyed the sun while Sr. and I chased em.  The result…

After seeing that Birdee asks, “Where’s mine like that?”.  Coming right up!

You can see in that pic we aren’t using heavy gear.  We use my TC4 Shimano Crucial crankbait rods.  Curados spooled with 10 lb test fluro.  On the business end varies from jigging spoons to jigs, depending on the mood of the fish.

I managed a few for myself as well….

Man oh man it’s been some of the most fun I’ve had on the water in a long time!

Hoping to sneak in one more day…..stay tuned!