Finally joined the Club….

With so many options at our fingertips in this area Grant and I have been doing a bit more thinking when it comes to our routine one day a week fish.  Larry?  Clayton? Miss?  So many options.  Rideau River Muskies?  Ummmmm Ok.

Did a bit of a milkrun, raised two fish in the first hour, boatside and gone.  Grant slammed a Pike that if it ate in the last month woulda been 10 lbs..sadly it was 6 lbs.

The next sequence will stick in my eyes for awhile.  Bombed a PDEEZ Big Ten towards a weed edge and after the blades turned twice it got crushed.  When I looked over all I saw was a gaping mouth shaking the bait back at me.  Big Fish.

The well oiled machine of Grant and RJ landed this girl stress free.  The adrenaline started once she hit the net!  High fives and even a hug..haha!

We knew she was big but 50?  I knew it was close.  We put the tape to her, 51.  Took a girth, 20.  Booyah.

I couldn’t fish for 20 minutes.  Not many fish get me going like that anymore.  This one certainly did.

Bout an hour later, I had a low 30 incher blast me boatside, shook it off.  Go away ya dink!

While working a beach area I had an audience for this beat up Muskie.  A boat watched us land it and came over.  “Wow that’s big”.  Grant, “The one he caught earlier could eat this one!”

Fun day, one I’ll remember for awhile!