Lake Ontario Gold Rush….

Spent a day down on Lake Ontario in search of the famous migratory Bay of Quinte Walleyes.  Nowhere near Bay of Quinte, we found em.

Chevy had never experienced this style of fishing, nor laid eyes on the beautiful Gold Bars that grace these waters.

The wind picked up heavy at times having us sailing more than trolling at times but we soldiered on.

We ran a typical trolling spread.  4 rods all on Planer boards.  Divers were the bait of choice.

Chevy was obviously first up.  I can still remember his reaction.  “What the ^&!!*@#?”  PB Walleye after PB Walleye.  Fun stuff.

I think he enjoyed it.

I’m not a big “troller” but enjoying a relaxing day on the troll is good for the soul.