Sometimes it makes no sense…..

There are times when something happens and all you can do is simply shake your head and chalk it up as bizarre…..

While Crappie fishing a few weeks ago in 32 feet of water, my Vexilar lit up as some baitfish suddenly appeared in the bottom 10 feet of the column.  I reeled my jig above them and as I did a solid mark chased out of the bait and crushed my jig.

I knew pretty quick it was no Crappie.

I was in for a real battle, this was the reaction after the 4th near reel spooling adventure….

We had an idea what it was all along but this confirmed it..

Fast forward two weeks.  Same lake, but now I’m targetting Lake Trout.  While fishing over 54 feet of water I noticed a high mark on the Vexilar, just 10 feet under the ice.  Traditionally, that is just a high running Trout on the chase of bait.  I reeled up to it and began the dance with it on the flasher.  It bumped me once, then finally hit the 4 inch swimbait.  I knew pretty quick it was no Laker.

Weird but I’ll take it!  A bite is a bite and that is the best Crappie I had ever iced on this lake.  Apparently I needed to upsize my bait to find the bigguns…….