The Lund is covered in GAR Slime……

I was hoping it wouldn’t take too long to have “one of those days” in the new boat!  Well it didn’t.  After the maiden voyage on Friday plans were set in motion.  I had a decision to make, more Crappies or go looking for Gar.  The conditions weren’t the best for a Gar hunt but sometimes you just have to go and try to make the best of it.
I launched and headed out onto the Ottawa River.  Main river temps settled at 49 degrees and I found temps as high as 57 in the shallows.  With the sun peaking from time to time I only had short windows with chances of success.  I made the best of those windows and hammered them!
I started the 2011 Gar season off with this fella.
I followed it up with this perfect specimen.
This chunky girl made my day!
Gear used today to tackle these gators was my trusty Shimano Crucial 7’6″ Flippin Stick teamed up with a Shimano Core reel spooled with 40lb Power Pro.  On the business end was a Mann’s Baby 1-Minus Crank.
Man oh man have I missed the Gar, and this just started to scratch the itch!