Warming up to Walleye………

Now anyone that knows me is well aware that I’ve never really been impressed by walleye fishing.  I’m not sure why but it’s just never really been high on my priority list.  Of course I enjoy the trophy fishery Quinte has to offer but throughout the rest of the year I never target them.
With a big walleye trip in the North in the making next weekend for 5 days, a day on Ol marble eyes would be a nice warm-up.  Relying solely on some intel I had received I set out.
Fishing a sand flat with what I call scrub weed on the bottom in patches I hit em good.  I was rockin’ a tube jig with a 1/4 oz head to begin with.
I’ve never owned a bucktail hair jig in my life.  I was urged by a LARGE blonde haired fella to give em a go.  Man have I been missing out!  They crushed it.
I was using a medium powered Shimano Crucial rod paired with a Saros reel.  It was the perfect combo for these aggressive eyes. 

Sadly I had to pack it in earlier than I  wanted as I had secured some tickets to opening night for the Senators.  In hindsight, I should have stayed fishing.