About Us

Living in the heart of Eastern Ontario, RJnBirdee are actually better known as Rob and Kim Jackson. In 2009, they decided it was time to create their own little corner on the web to house all their Fishing and Hunting reports. They endeavor to provide up-to-date reports on what they have been up to on the water, ice and field. They will continue to evolve the site as we go along to keep things fresh and both informative and entertaining.

“RJ” grew up in rural Eastern Ontario spending many days wetting a line in the mighty Jock River as a kid. Being introduced to fishing by his Dad (Ron) was likely the best gift he could have ever been given. Little did he know that decades ago that getting that introduction to the sport would it lead to spending well over 120 days a year on the water.

His roots began in Muskie Fishing, basically thinking everything else was a waste of time. Not long after being shown the light of what multi-species angling was all about did the pursuit of everything that swims in Eastern Ontario take over. There is NO time of the year when RJ isn’t looking for the hot bite somewhere.

He’s been fortunate enough to spend time on the water with some of the best fisherman in Canada, including Big Jim McLaughlin, Dave Mercer, Bob Izumi and many more. More importantly to RJ is the relationships that he has formed with countless folks who just love to fish. He feels as comfortable at the highest level Bass tournament weigh-in or helping out a kid pick out a nasty birds nest while fishing off the end of the dock. Fishing brings everyone together!

Guiding Services became a part of RJnBirdees Outdoor Adventures in 2011. Plying the waters for everything that swims in Eastern Ontario has created experiences for many clients that have enjoyed a day about the Lund. Highlights for clients include 50 plus inch Gar, 30 lb plus Carp and 5 lb plus Smallmouth Bass. In 2012, an amazing 74 new Personal Bests came to fruition under RJ’s watch.

“Birdee” grew up a country girl. Living on a rural farm in Eastern Ontario she grew up watching the boys go fishing and hunting. Not until becoming an adult did she really get her crack at that on her own. Her love of hunting is undeniable.

She’s no slouch on the water either with many catches that would make any seasoned angler raise an eyebrow. 14 lb plus Walleye, 32 lb Carp, 52 inch Gar, 5 lb plus Largies and Smallies to name a few.

Truth be told, she’s more comfortable sitting in her tree stand. Harvesting 4 Whitetails in 5 years including 3 Bucks, all with her trusty Excalibur Crossbow. She was introduced to Turkey hunting in recent years. She harvested her first bird in 2012 with her bow, a 20 lb Tom.

Together RJnBirdee team up to host two events a year. An Ice Fishing Derby in support of the Kelly Shires Breast Cancer Foundation and BIG BASS Megabucks.

Feel free to reach out at anytime with comments, questions or suggestions for the site. Thanks for reading!