First Duck Hunt Experience….

I’ve been trying to get out with my buddy Luke for a Duck hunt for awhile.  Schedules finally lined up so I was pumped.  I don’t hunt at all but wanted to see the whole deal with my own eyes.  I guess it’s the Duck Dynasty curiosity that got the better of me…..Jack!

Watching Luke and Scott plan their setup in the dark was insightful.  The decoys were out and the sun started to rise.

Luke has done a heck of a job customizing his boat.  Comfy for 3 guys and Duke.  Duke is Lukes Lab.  I love Labs, so watching Duke work in the boat was a real treat.  He was all business!

The sun rose and it wasn’t long before shotguns were blasting.  Some swift shooting by Scott had Duke in the water getting some bounty.

Then lots of this….

While this was out front of us…just out of range.

Hunters amaze me, they have so much respect for their quarry.  These guys wouldn’t even think of trying to shoot at a bird out of range. Kill shots in the range or nothing.

Duke was starting to get antsy so just in time the boys downed a couple more birds.  He was all over them.

Duke in his element…

Scott had an early morning meeting so we only spent a few hours out there.  The boys with their bounty.

The Luke and Duke show!

We loaded the decoys back into the boat and headed for home.  Loved the experience and can’t wait to sit and watch again.  Pure fun.

Do we really have to go home????  Yes Duke, for now.