Get off the phone RJ!

Wow, this was a fun trip.  My role was fairly simple.  Staying warm inside my portable shack working out details of acquiring on the phone.  It was a crazy busy time for me and being able to do it while sitting fishing was handy.  Truth is, I was barely fishing at all.  That’s the excuse I’m rolling with anyways!

Chevy and Brad are great sticks, the boys had a blast.  I only left my shack when they wanted a photo, which was often.  Great stuff.

Our buddy Brandun has been figuring out a new area to him and had invited us down to put some time in with him on it.  Kinda cool deal really.  Lakers were the target.

Chevy was the first to buckle his rod.

Thru the hole pops one of the nicest Lake Trout I’ve ever laid eyes on.  Awesome fish.

It wasn’t too long before I was being hailed again, OK I’ll put the phone down!

At this point I’ve looked down at my Vexilar three times to see a fish looking at my jig,  putting the phone down to jig and having the fish swim off.  Bummer.

Brad was next to holler.  When we got his shack he was a bit puzzled.  No screaming Laker runs.  Up the hole comes this….

A few drops later and we’re back seeing Brad again.

Chevy is hollering again!

Brad let out a yell.  He says “this ain’t no stinkin’ Walleye!”  Screaming runs tells us that he is indeed locked into his first ever iced Laker.

Nice to break the ice with one just under the 11 lb mark.

The boys learned a lesson on the way home.  Spank me that bad on the ice and you may need a ride home.  Not sure where they are now but I think they made it home sometime over the weekend!

Anyone that knows me that is the furthest thing from the truth.  I love seeing folks have success on the water and ice.  These guys whacked em good and I secured ownership of one of my favorite websites along with my buddy Luke.  A win-win in my books!

Can’t wait to get back, maybe I’ll turn my phone off this time..;)