Re-charging the batteries….

Despite the great weather we had this past weekend not much materialized for us.  Birdee did some hunting Saturday morning on her family’s farm with their group.  She didn’t see a thing and has hung up her bow for the year.  It’s been a crazy long run of weekends pounding the water so a bit of a break was in order.  These re-charge of our personal batteries is needed once in awhile, though I did sneak in a few hours Saturday.
We hatched plans to try to locate the schooled up Largemouth I had found 2 weeks ago.  After a social gathering in the morning  we launched at 2:30.  With only a little more than two hours to fish, the pressure was on.  With two boats in the fold we ran right to my way points and low and behold the Largies were still home.
I had Tim Allard on board with me in my boat while Phil joined my brother in law Gord Schultz in his Tracker.  Some mild trash-talking between boats took place as expected.  A two dollar wager was in place for big fish of the outing.
An incredible night to be on the water, fishing in a hoodie in November is tough to beat.
Tim had the hot stick in our boat landing at least a dozen Largies in short order.  I stuck to my Senko pattern from weeks ago and stuck a half dozen.  The Tracker boys struggled a bit numbers wise but Phil did pick up the winner of the evening and our two bucks.
No Giants but if that’s my last Largemouth outing of the year, I’d be ok with it.  Some laughs with buddies on a great November afternoon.  Tough to beat that really. 

Sunday I tidied up some gear and did some looking over of my ice gear, yes it’s coming!