Fall Bucketmouths….

After the heavy schedule associated with fishing the Renegade Bass Series it sure is nice to have the fall to kick back and relax. Well it never works out that way! Mini-tournament invites arrive in my email every week and most weekends we are on the water still competing, albeit at a less scale than the big series. These days are great for hooking up with guys that Len and I aren’t able to fish with throughout our busy summer.
Birdee and I hooked up a few times and we enjoyed plying some new and old waters. I personally found the fall season tough on me this year. I was hoping to see some of those kickers that you look for late in the year. Lots of fish, but no real dukers!
I did some experimenting with a new bait a rather LARGE fella put me onto. The Rapala DT-1 is definitely going to be tied on at all times from now on. Awesome Bait!
Other fish producers were my standard tube jig setup. I fish this almost dead-sticked most of the time. A light weighted tube jig is killer in the fall for those colder water largies.
It was interesting to watch the transition of the largemouth as fall progressed. With the slow cooling season this year we still found fish up shallow on flats in late October. Then a week later they were off the 2-4 FOW and onto the 5-8 FOW zone, then 2 weeks after that they had moved a bit deeper again to 12-14 FOW. Once you found the depth, they were stacked there!
Fall Buckets are a riot when you are on them. I was looking for a few nickels, it didn’t happen this year. Ah well always next year!