Trail Cam Update……

When Birdee decided to jump right into the hunting last year we decided fairly early on that we needed a trail cam to help her scouting. Not only helpful for scouting but it is great entertainment to see what is actually going on out back on our property!

With some solid advice we decided on the Moultrie I-40. Very easy to use and great battery life!

In the time it has been sitting out back we’ve snapped shots of coyotes, raccoons, rabbits, red squirrels, porcupine, foxes, skunk, blue jays, deer and the neighbourhood stray cat!

While we have hundreds of photos of does, the Bucks that show up from time to time are what sends Birdee into a frenzy! There is a giant with double drop tines that is haunting her a bit. She keeps putting in her time in hopes of another shot at him.

We will update with new trail cam pics as they come in!