A Gar-reeaaat stretch of Fishin’…..

To say I’m on cloud nine would be an understatement!  When I booked some holidays for mid May, I had plans to do a few things depending on conditions.  Carp were on the radar, some trophy Crappie hunting and my favorite fish of all, the Gar.

Conditions were prime for the Gar.  I was able to spend a few successful days on the Crappie but conditions just kept pulling me back to old Long Nose.

It was an incredible week for me personally.  Not much brings a smile to my face like seeing guests in the Lund land fish that blow their minds.  We had a hot run this week on big fish that resulted in 9 Personal Bests being landed.  In three of those cases the new PB was bumped shortly there after by a new one.  Simply awesome.

The fun started with my old reliable fishin buddy Phil.  He was pumped to land his first 50 plus inch fish.

We landed a pile of fish that day but only broke the camera out a few times…

The next day it was Birdees kick at the can….and boy did we have a day!

We weren’t fishing for 20 minutes before she laid eyes on a real nice fish in the distance.  The pursuit began and when the time was right Birdee made that perfect cast.  New PB for her at 49 inches for now.

I said for now because that PB lasted roughly 45 minutes.  This unruly girl at 51.5 inches made Birdees day!

Check out video of this big girl…


So Birdee is now chirping me a bit in the boat so I decided to get in the game!

Pretty incredible day landing 3 fish over 50 inches that day…

This fish was just awesome.  Long and girthy.

The next day I had my buddy Rob along for the day.  I told him to get his game face on because the Lund had been on a roll!  It didn’t take long for his new PB to grace us…

Open wide!

The next day was a tough one.  I had Big Jim aboard and the conditions weren’t ideal, far from it.  After awhile I began to get antsy wondering if we were wasting our time.  I have to get over this fear because there always seem to be a “window” of success.  You just have to be at the right place at the right time.  We were!

LARGE with his new Large Gar.

We exchanged fish late in the afternoon and I wanted to grab this pic for prosperity.

One of my closest friends Markus came to town for the weekend and of course we had fishing plans for everyday!  Not only did I cart Marks butt around all weekend but I had to outfit him with clothes as he forgot his clothes bag at home!  We were more than excited to have our buddies Grant and Luke join us for the day.  Grant had just been told some outstanding news health wise that had us all super pumped up!

This day I barely even picked up a rod and let the boys have some fun.  Markus topped his old PB 3 times over the weekend going from 48 to 50.75 inches.  He was a happy camper!

Some pics from that day with the boys…

The banter and laughs in the boat that day won’t soon be forgotten!

Phil wanted to join Mark and I for a fish so we made it happen.  The banter, heckling and laughs this day were legendary.  Again I left the rod in the bottom of the boat for the most part and let the boys play!

Double header…this was a little hectic!

Mark finally cracked the 50 inch barrier with this one..

The final PB of the week was this big girl I landed with Phil.  It took 4 (3 by me and 1 by Phil) casts to get her to go but when she did she was a freight train that we had to chase down to get the net under her.  I’d been looking for this one for awhile…she was some fish!

How this week could ever be topped?  I have no clue.  Great friends, amazing weather and some fantastic fishing….tough to beat!