Late season Steelhead….

With the high winds forecasted, I was weighing my options on what to do for the first day of my holidays.  When my buddy Charles Sim fired me a text asking if I wanted to join him steelheading for the day I jumped at it.  I’m not a huge fan of steelheading on the Ontario side of the lake due to crowds but it was a week day a week and a half after the season opened.  Crowds should be gone!

Well they were, which was great.

Charles was breaking in a new float reel that now officially makes him a steelheader!  I know this because every fish he hooked he announced “I’m a Steelheader!”.  Funny guy!

It wasn’t long before I dubbed the day the “Charles show”.  He was a man on a mission and the Steelies were defenseless to his mad skills.  I knew this because he told me! HAHA!

I saw a whole lot of this!

It was such a fun day on the tribs with only seeing 3 other guys all day it was a treat to play with these gorgeous fish.

Charles had such a spell on them they didn’t want to leave him.

You are probably wondering if I even caught a fish?!?!?!  I did, despite the rubber hooks I must have packed!  I’ve never lost so many fish in my life!

New PB steel for me from a trib.

Despite getting my butt handed to me by Charles and the fish I had a freakin’ blast!

Thanks for the day Charles!