Drop Shot Lakers…..

With Lake Trout season in full flight I spent Saturday morning playing around a bit.  Last year I decided to give “dropshotting” a try for the early season Lakers.  It worked great and netted me some quality fish!
It’s really a simple rig.  I use a 1 Oz. “Bouncing Betty” as my weight though any 1 Oz. Bell sinker would work.  I use a bit heavier weight for two reasons.  One being that I want my bait to sink quickly to the depths the trout are sitting at and secondly I want my presentation to be virtually straight down from the boat.
For Baits I’ve been playing with the Set the Hook line of KO Minnows.  Unreal quality and likely the best dropshot bait I’ve ever used.  Very soft, lifelike and great scent infused.  I use a Gamakatsu Finesse hook on the business end.
The “Rig”…
The Result…..no big fish this weekend but the future bodes well with lots of these guys around.

Next time you are out and the jig bite has slowed, tie up a dropshot.  It may turn your day around!