Gar Quickie….Worth it!

Markus and I really had no plans for today other than go for a walk with Birdee to look at potential new areas for her to setup her treestand for the fall.  We woke to light winds and some peeping sun.  It took about 30 seconds for Mark to pack up his stuff as I was out the door loading the boat and off we went.
We knew the forecast was for winds to pick up from the South, and get strong bringing in a potential thunderstorm.  Our window of time was short.  Conditions worsened quickly on us making it very difficult to do the required sight fishing for the cruising Gar.
We lucked across one in the shallows, pushed him a bit from the weeds and got him to open water.  He cruised out of sight for about 10 seconds until I caught sight of his tail slipping away from us.  At this point I don’t even have my rod in my hands as it was all Mark’s time with these fish.  2 casts and no luck.  “Rob!  Get him!”  Mark handed me my Gar Stick, and a cast later it was game on.  A quick handoff to my buddy as the beast was peeling line and I rummaged to the net.  In she slid.  High Fives and smiles all around.
Man it’s rewarding to put a buddy on a good fish, that one made both our weekends!



Off to the Grand River next weekend for Cats and an Annual Salmon tournament Birdee and I fish in.  Looking forward to a weekend in SW Ontario!