Ice Fishing Evening…..

Earlier this week a small panel assembled at Jim Tubman’s Chev Olds for an Ice Fishing Evening.  Hosted by “Big” Jim McLaughlin the event featured author Tim Allard (Ice Fishing: The Ultimate Guide), Gord Schultz for Navionics and myself.
The event was very well attended by the local ice fishing enthusiasts.  It’s always great to spend some time talking fishing.  The event was live webcasted by Renegade Bass who also recorded the videos for future use.

Tim took the mike and gave us some insight into what it took to write his first book.

Gord gave us the latest and greatest from Navionics.

I spoke about tricking out your portable for comfort and basic use of a flasher unit. This video also features the Q and A we took from the floor after wards.

We have at least one more of these in the works in the coming weeks.  Stay tuned!