Mother Nature Unleashes….

The weekend has come and gone and what a disappointment.  Sadly, Mother Nature had other plans for us!
Birdee and I left the ranch at 1PM on Thursday and decided to slowly make our way down to SW Ontario with thoughts of bulldogging big Grand River Cats and line-peeling Lake Ontario Salmon on our minds.  We made our usual pitstop at Bass Pro Shops in Toronto mainly to stretch the legs after a little over a 3 hour drive to there.  BPS is a great shop even if you don’t need anything but is  just nice to walk around.  We dropped a few bucks there on some oddball stuff and we were on our way.
We then stopped in for a bite to eat and Birdee stumbled into a buddy of ours……
We settled in Thursday night with high hopes for the AM as the forecast seemed ok but Saturday really looked horrible.  Off to the Grand River, We seemed a bit late this year with the early spring but decided out our buddy Steve at the helm we’d find em.  We tried everything and it just wasn’t meant to be.
This is what we were hoping for…..but that’s why it’s fishing and not catching!  We’ll be back.
When we re-joined the crew at headquarters we were informed that the Salmon Tournament for the following day had been canceled due to the weather forecast.  What a bummer!
This is what we were hoping for……


But this is what we ended up with……
Nasty.  We pulled the plug and made our way home a day early, which allowed me a day to work on a few projects I’ve been ignoring while on the water.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mother Nature.  You were nasty to us this weekend.