My first “client”……

After pondering the idea of doing some guiding for some time and with some discussions with those in my “inner circle” I decided to make that leap.  One of those I relied on his opinion was “Big” Jim.  His ear is always a great one to get into for all things like this.  We’d been hoping to get out for a fish as our busy schedules made it tough but the stars aligned for it to happen.

Gar it was to be.  “Big” was of course giving me the gears pretty good if we went any time at all without seeing a fish.  Pretty comical!  Sharing a boat with Jim is always a blast and it was surely a privilege to actually show him something for a change.

Of course “Big” was a pretty quick study and while we saw two very big fish that made Jim’s eyes pop from his head we weren’t able to get em in the net today.  Jimmy did pop more than a few though!

He started off with a baby…

Getting bigger…..

And his best on this day….

Easily one of my favorite days on the water in a long time and looking forward to some of the trips we talked about this summer!

Thanks “Big”.  Good Times!