Taking a look under the ice….

When my Vexilar FS2000DT camera arrived I couldn’t wait to get out on the ice!  I’ve owned an underwater in the past and found it to be a pain to use so I was anxious to see what the folks at Vexilar came up with.

The compactness of the unit was handy and having my FL-20 right above the camera was always handy.  Watching in real time on the camera what was happening and getting to translate it to the flasher really lets you interpret your flasher and you quickly learn alot.

I used the camera exclusively in our shack.  Setting it up and locating my jig on the screen took a minute tops then it was just sit and watch tv!  Watching how fish react to your offering is intriguing.  Watching how your jig reacts to your jigging motion is the single most educational thing I gained from the camera.  Another thing I found very interesting is that the fish seemed to come in waves.  Within these waves you could find as many as four species traveling together including Pike amongst Panfish.  Odd but neat to see.

Fish wise, we had everything that swims in Lower Rideau come by for a visit.  Smallies, Largies, Perch, Gills, Seeds, Crappie, Pike all came by.  We also had a Lake Trout swing by as well as a Whitefish on more than one occasion which is neat to see as we were only setup in 15 feet of water.

Here’s a few photos I was able to snap with my Iphone…